Ways You Can Volunteer in Your Woodridge Community

Homeowners, and residents play a vital role in helping to maintain a friendly, informed, and prepared community. Your involvement can be as small as serving on a committee with our HOA to as large as holding an Officer role in the association. Every effort to stay involved and engaged goes a long way.

As individual homeowners we can be proud of our community of homes when everyone strives to maintain their property, home, and landscape. After all, we want to attract new homeowners who share the same interest we have in keeping our community a beautiful and sought after community. We all share a common interest in preserving the resale values of our properties. Below are some ways you can get involved in Woodridge:
Attend Annual Meetings and Special Meetings
Annual meetings are held in January of each year. Notices of the Annual HOA Meetings are published at least 30 days in advance. This allows homeowners to attend in person and have a voice. During this meeting you will have an opportunity to meet the current Board of Directors who have volunteered to serve your interests. In this meeting, you will be provided updates on planned community events. You will hear about processes regarding additions/structures, mailbox repairs and maintenance, annual dues, etc. Additionally, you will be provided a snapshot of what’s happening behind the scenes in your community. The BOA will provide insight into how your dues are being allocated towards the maintenance or betterment of your community.
Participate in Board Elections and Special Elections
By voting for board members at the annual meeting, or voting on issues at special meetings, you exercise your right as a homeowner to weigh in on matters such as major improvements or maintenance.
HOA Board Volunteer
The board of directors is a group of elected volunteers (current residents of the community). They volunteer their time and skills to make decisions on behalf of the community-at-large with skilled management professionals. Board members bring an array of experience in business and community. You may reach out to current board members to express interest in volunteering. Our Woodridge HOA website also has a Volunteer Service Form you may complete and submit expressing your interest.
Join a Committee
Residents who volunteer their time make up the backbone of a thriving residential community. There are many reasons and benefits for creating a committee within your HOA, whether it’s for the social benefit or the community’s well-being. Below are a few ideas:
  • Grounds and Landscaping
  • Safety, Security, Lighting
  • Structures and Additions Guidelines
  • Social Events

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