Take a Book, Share a Book

A Little Free Library in Woodridge
Located at 114 W Woodglen Road in the Woodridge subdivision is a Little Free Library. This library is stocked with a variety of donated books. Neighbors, friends, family members are encouraged to take a book, read it and share it by returning it to the Little Library or when appropriate passing it along to a friend. The library will be self-sustaining as book lovers leave books in the library for others to take an enjoy.

Woodridge’s Little Free Library #2035 is part of a growing movement of Little Free Libraries around the world. They are frequently located in neighborhoods, businesses, and public places. The Little Free Library concept has been feature by NBC, NPR, USA Today and countless media outlets. To find out more please visit

Mark and Sharon Koenig, former Woodridge residents, donated and installed Woodridge’s Little Free Library. The current residents will steward the library for the neighborhood. The library is registered with Little Free and its’ location will appear on the locator feature of the website.

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