Wadsworth Trail

To commemorate the Wadsworth Trail established in 1864 and approved in June 1917 as a cantonment site. This trail was used by soldiers and Traders who came up the Mississippi River by Boat. The trail just outside Woodridge Subdivision is home to many joggers, walkers and parents with strollers. It is a peaceful trail leading to quiet reflections and wonderful exercise. Brigadier General James Samuel Wadsworth and his soldiers camped her in 1917-1919. The historical marker was erected in 1969.

The Wadsworth Trail parallels Willis Road from Harmon Drive to Hawk Creek Drive, with a spur heading south along SR 42-4382/Caldwell Drive. The Willis Road portion is 1.85 miles (one way), while the Caldwell Drive portion to just north of Dartmoor Drive is just under 1 mile (one way). The paved Wadsworth Trail is a mix of flat sections and long, rolling hills.

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