Wadsworth Trail

To commemorate the Wadsworth Trail established in 1864 and approved in June 1917 as a cantonment site. This trail was used by soldiers and Traders who came up the Mississippi River by Boat. The trail just outside Woodridge Subdivision is home to many joggers, walkers and parents with strollers.

Take a Book, Share a Book

Located at 114 W Woodglen Road in the Woodridge subdivision is a Little Free Library. This library is stocked with a variety of donated books. Neighbors, friends, family members are encouraged to take a book, read it and share it by returning it to the Little Library or when appropriate passing it along to a friend.

Ways You Can Volunteer in Your Woodridge Community

Homeowners, and residents play a vital role in helping to maintain a friendly, informed, and prepared community. Your involvement can be as small as serving on a committee with our HOA to as large as holding an Officer role in the association. Every effort to stay involved and engaged goes a long way.