Woodridge Homeowners Association Spartanburg, South Carolina

Annual HOA Meeting

Annual HOA Meeting

6:30 pm Grace Church, Willis Road


Each year in January the Annual Homeowners Meeting is in the second week. A notice of the meeting is mailed out from our management company William Douglas. This notice is sent out no later than 30 days prior to the meeting. In the mailing, homeowners are provided a proxy form they can complete and return to William Douglas. The proxy form notifies the Woodridge Board that while a homeowner is unable to attend, they authorize the BOD’s to vote on their behalf should there be any business requiring a vote. Minutes of the Annual Meetings will be published on our website (www.hoawoodridge.org).

Reports will be given from the following:

  • Officers of the Board of Directors
  • Architectural/Additions Committee
  • Landscaping/Park Committee
  • Social Events Committee
  • Finance Committee/Treasurer
  • Safety/Lighting Committee

The Board of Directors are your representatives in conducting the business of the Association. Feel to reach out to them anytime during the year with your concerns and ideas. Getting involved is a great way to ensure our Woodridge community continues to be a sought after community in Spartanburg.