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Woodridge Neighborhood Association Mailbox Maintenance

Mailbox Maintenance

Mailbox Maintenance

The Woodridge Homeowners Association Board of Directors is tasked with insuring all Woodridge neighborhood mailboxes are within the set standard. The Board is committed to providing help to Homeowners with the maintenance, and/or replacement of mailboxes.

We are currently turning our attention toward an upgrade program for the Woodridge mailboxes.  A mailbox upgrade program will take place in stages as funds can be identified in the Homeowners Association budget.  This program will include straightening mailbox posts, painting and cleaning, replacement of some mailboxes and complete replacement of some entire mailbox units.  Once the initial upgrade work has been completed, in about 2 years, a program of routine maintenance will be established that will include cleaning, painting and straightening. This will be in addition to the replacement of vandalized units that is already in place.  Our belief is that we must commit to a new approach to improve the overall condition of the Woodridge mailbox units and ultimately the look of the Woodridge Subdivision.  There have been a number of ideas and programs tried in the past that have not been very effective over time.

We expect to begin working on Woodridge Drive first and work through all of the streets on this side of Willis Road before moving across Willis to the Woodbury Lane side of the neighborhood.

We also plan to contact each neighbor individually if your mailbox or complete mailbox unit has been identified for replacement.  This will take place at no additional cost to you.  In addition, a general communication will be made when maintenance work, other than the replacements mentioned above, will be underway on your individual street. 

With Regards,

Woodridge Homeowners Association Board of Directors