Questions - Answers

You Have Questions ....... Here are Some Answers​


Step #1   Check the Woodridge Web Site:

Step #2   CALL:  Lisa Van Volkenburg, WILLIAM DOUGLAS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CO.; 864-284-6515; 
                           Email: [email protected]

Step #3   Call a board member listed on the ASSOCIATION page of this website or in the Woodridge Directory


  - Diplomatically talk to your neighbor and explain your concern, ask for corrections;  If that doesn't work
  - Call Lisa Van Volkenburg, William Douglas Management Co (1-864-284-6515); she will send a letter to the neighbor; 
  - Call the Spartanburg Animal Control Officer (596-3582)

2.  SPEEDING PROBLEM on my street?
  Take down the license number of the speeder and report it to the Sheriff’s Office at 503-4500

3.  ANNUAL HOA DUES, when and where are they paid?
  - Dues are payable before March 1 of each year;   Payment can be made to William Douglas Property Management as follows:
  - Dues coupon :  Send coupon with your payment to address shown on the dues coupon.
  - Bank billpay check payment:     Send to William Douglas Property Mgmt,  412 E. Butler Rd, Mauldin, SC  29662,   
  - Lost your dues coupon  Payment should be sent to:  William Douglas Property Mgmt, 412 E. Butler Rd, Mauldin, SC  29662
    Include your name and Woodridge address on the check payment.
  - William Douglas website:  Dues can also be paid electronically (check or credit card) by going to the William Douglas website :  and signing it to your property account.

My NEIGHBORS YARD is not being maintained!  What can I do?
   -Report the condition to Lisa Van Volkenburg,  William Douglas Management Co. 1-864-284-6515

How to I report VANDALISM and other suspicious activity?
   -Call the Spartanburg Sheriff’s department at 503-4500  

Who do I call when my STREET LIGHT is out?
   -Call Duke Energy at 800-653-5307

Who do I call when my MAILBOX is damaged?
   Call Property Manager 864-284-6515.  More information is available on the Woodridge Web site Forms Page

What do I do if I want to add a STRUCTURE to my property?
   Fill out the structure addition form found on the Woodridge Web site  and send to the address on the form

Who do I call if I find a problem with LANDSCAPING on common property? 
   Call Stan Parker on 587-2085

What are the rules regarding use of the park?
  - Woodridge residents and their guests, if accompanied by the resident, are permitted to use the park.  
  - Remove any trash generated (including the pet waste) out of the park to be disposed of with household trash.
  - Make sure the water faucet is closed tightly.  
  - Call any board member listed in the directory to report play equipment or landscaping damage.  
  - The park closes at dark which means no one is allowed on the facility after dark.  
  - Reservations for use of the park are not required.

How do I get information on neighborhood events or get my name added to the email list?
   Send your email address to Dorian Mann [email protected] and she will include you in emails announcing various neighborhood activities.  These email addresses are kept confidential.

FORMS   (print and mail)